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Feng Shui Your Office

HeroicInvesting.comWhat the heck does Feng Shui have to do with teaching first responders how to invest? Maybe everything, and maybe nothing, but we don’t see anything wrong with injecting a little worldly knowledge into this website, especially if it can help reduce the stress level in your life. We’re sure the idea has crossed your mind before that you’ve picked what many folks would consider to a stressful occupation. If an ancient Chinese art and science like Feng Shui could be strategically used to reduce stress, what’s wrong with that?

Maybe you believe we’re full of beans, and that’s your right, but why not sit down and stay a while? You might discover this Feng Shui stuff is pretty darn useful. First of all, what is it? Feng Shui has developed over the course of a couple thousand years with the goal of arranging the aesthetics in our daily lives to encourage positive energy to stick around and negativity to keep on moving. There’s more, of course, but this is a single article. For a full blown implementation plan, search for the term “Feng Shui.”

What many people don’t realize is that Feng Shui is not only for your living space. You can apply the same principles to your car, and even the office where you work, an idea that might seem especially appealing to emergency medical technicians and firefighters who spend long days and nights on call in dormitory-style surroundings. Consider the following for your work area:

1. Desks should be placed either directly facing the door or at a diagonal to it, and never sit with your back to the door. Multiple desks should be placed in a role following the same principle. The goal here is to refrain from randomly shoving more furniture into the mix until the office resembles a maze of confusion. Give a thought to chairs and file cabinets as well. The human brain likes order and a natural pathway which ushers in positive energy.

2. A mirror placed in the southeast corner of an office is supposed to encourage wealth. The northern corner is for career growth. In general, hang mirrors in places where a dull, expanse of wall seems to suck the life right out of the room. They’re also supposed to exert a calming influence, so maybe hanging a few in a tense briefing room wouldn’t be a bad idea.

A final thought: long, straight, unadorned hallways are thought to be conductors of negative energy. Strategically placed plants along the way help break it up and let the good energy take over. Now it’s your turn. Get busy learning more about this awesome Chinese art or go about your merry way as a little ball of stress. Your choice.

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