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5 Steps to Moderate Chronic Workplace Pain

HeroicInvesting.comThere doesn’t seem to be much disputing the fact that our modern society is the most disease-ridden, chronic pain suffering in the history of the world. Blame it on our diet, lack of exercise, and high stress levels if you like – doesn’t really matter what causes our arthritis, heart disease, high cholesterol, and failing liver. Looking back is a waste of time and counter-productive. What matters is what you can do to make your painful work life more tolerable. Today. Right now.

1. Get comfortable. You might be of the opinion that the very act of getting up early, throwing on uncomfortable clothes and a tie, then fighting rush hour traffic to sit in a faceless cubicle makes it hard to ever be comfortable. If that’s your life, you could be right, but you chose it. The good news is that you can unchoose it also. If your job makes your life physically miserable, change it. What do you really want to do? What steps do you need to accomplish to make it happen? Get busy!

2. Keep it to yourself. No matter how much you find yourself tempted to play the “woe is me” card to co-workers, don’t do it because, like it or not, fair or not, people will look at you differently thereafter. Unless it has some bearing on medical benefits, insurance, or getting a telecommuter position, the fewer people who know about your chronic pain, the better.

3. Sometimes drugs work. Use them. Some people would rather suffer the trials of Job than take what they perceive to be a dangerous drug. Maybe it is a dangerous drug, and maybe you’re a moron for suffering when you don’t have to be. For the people who choose not to take drugs and can suffer in silence, our thanks and praises to you. All too often, a refusal to accept medication is accompanied by loud squawking.

4. Meditation. You may believe that meditation is nothing more than a bunch of hocus-pocus, hippie, B.S. Maybe it is. Still, studies have shown that when dutifully performed in quiet surroundings it can legitimately reduce pain. At this point, you shouldn’t worry about what works, only that it does.

5. All work and no play. Why would you expect your body not to hurt if you don’t take care of it with healthy food, regular sleep, and exercise? Toss in a little fun now and then. All these things help keep you from becoming a little ball of stress at work, which, in turn, leads to even more pain.

There, you’re magically healed. Oh wait, that won’t happen until you actually do some of this stuff. If you want to reduce your pain level and change you life for the better, take this seriously.

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