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Heroes Ask Questions On Jason Hartman’s New Hotline

HeroicInvesting.comThe worst part about beginning your income property investment education is finding a legitimate source of solid information when you have a question. The Internet’s nice, maybe even great, but you don’t always have time to go surfing all over the place when what you need is a single cogent nugget to bring together a new concept forming in your head. Plus we know that emergency first responders are busy people – probably more so than most. That’s where Jason Hartman’s new hotline comes in. As founder and CEO of Heroic Investing, Platinum Properties Investor Network and a host of other businesses, his goal is to answer your questions about how to invest in income property no matter your level of experience.

Jason was sitting in his office one recent day, tapping his foot in preparation for his next adventure, when the idea struck about how to collect the most common (and uncommon) questions and address them on future podcast episodes. A sort of hotline if you will. Like Batman and Commissioenr Gordon. You no longer have to let your questions, comments, feedback or testimonials die unspoken. Pick up the phone and call 949-287-8667, any time of the day or night.

The learning curve for income property investing is fairly predictable and Jason has been doing this long enough to cover most of the standard questions that arise at one point or another on episodes of the Creating Wealth Show or the Heroic Investing Show but, of course, not everything can be anticipated. That’s where the hotline comes in. Don’t let that question nibble away at your brain until it vanished unasked, or, worse, derails you from ever taking the action necessary to begin income property investing in the first place.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to always compliment us. We’re mature enough to accept that fact that we perfection is only a goal, not the reality. If you have a helpful idea about how we can improve our services, by all means let us know. Got testimonials? We love those too. Nothing convinces a fence-sitter trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on his first property deal like another satisfied customer.

Once again, Jason Hartman’s hotline number is 949-287-8667. Don’t be afraid to dial it.

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