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Heroic Investing Show – Six Months and Going Strong

HeroicInvesting.comThe first blog went live at Heroic Investing back on June 2 of this year, which means we’ve been going at it for a little over six months now. Sometimes it’s nice to step back and see how far we’ve come, while planning how far we intend to go. What exactly is it we want to accomplish? Like the tag line on the website says, we help provide “Financial strategies for First Responders.” Why even bother with such a narrow niche group as emergency workers in the first place? At Heroic Investing, it’s not all about US making money but about teaching the heroes among us how they can take an average salary and turn it into a lifetime of financial independence.

We chose first responders because, in a post-9-11 world, the realization has become even more clear the critical role firemen, policemen, EMTs, and other emergency careers play in holding the fabric of society together when the you know what hits the fan. We also added in government pensioners who are in literal danger of losing the comfortable retirement they were promised as the target audience for Heroic Investing.

Do our financial strategies work? Absolutely. The Heroic Investing Show and website was founded by income property investment expert, Jason Hartman, a man who has made millions in real estate, though coming from modest circumstances. We live in interesting times now when talk turns to investing. The stock market is a hyperactive roller coaster and no longer resembles the trusty machine previous generations used to build retirement wealth. To a large extent, speculators drive price movement and value has been tossed out the window. Guess what? Most of your pensions are neck deep in dangerous Wall Street exposure and the promises made in the 1980s and 1990s are coming home to roost. Pension managers are playing a shell game with money designated for current deposits, using it to pay benefits to those already retired, no longer even pretending like they’re providing for today’s workers.

Add in talk of sharply reduced benefits and the future of the pension system looks bleak indeed. Like most things in life, you’re going to have to provide for yourself to make sure it gets done. That’s where Heroic Investing comes in. On a daily basis we provide the critical information you need to begin and prosper with income property investments. Your future is at stake – it’s that serious.

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