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Give Yourself Great Career Advice

career adviceAs somebody somewhere once said, “The unfortunate part about youth is it’s wasted on the young.”

One of the drawbacks to getting started in your career is the inability to take advice from people who know what they’re talking about. If that’s the case with you, pretend like this is your future self writing back to you over the decades, and he’s a pretty smart cookie – you should listen to him. There are approximately seven zillion pieces of career advice that the older you could give the younger you but let’s focus on three for now.

Brains don’t matter as much as you think. No one likes to be the dullard in the room but don’t make the mistake of believing that you’ve got it made just because you’re smart. There are plenty of brainiacs working minimum wage jobs or standing in the unemployment line. You might as well learn now that the wisdom you embedded in mistakes is invaluable. Add to that a dose of self-confidence and experience and your chances for success go up astronomically.

Get over yourself. The truth is this. You’re just another guy or gal trying to make their way in the world. Nothing more and nothing less. The sooner you get over the delusion that you’re special, the better the chances are that you might do something special. This is a tough one for many people to let go of. Remember that a self-centered world is very small indeed.

Risk Taking is for the Young.
Fall down, skin your knees and get back up. Rinse and repeat. The time to take big risks is when you are young, when you have less to lose. Now don’t think we’re trying to talk people of ANY age from following their dream, but remember, it’s easier to recover from a severe miscalculation when you’re 25 than when you’re 55.

The last bit of career advice you should take from your future self is maybe the most important of all and relates somewhat to the risk taking admonition. Find your passion! If you’re not sure whether you have or not, you haven’t. Why spend a lifetime doing something you only sort of like or bouncing from unfulfilling job to unfulfilling job when it’s just as easy to pick what you like when you’re young and do that instead?

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