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5 Critical Reasons to Avoid Investment Property Now

investment propertyAt Heroic Investing, we usually steer our clients and friends TOWARDS investment property, especially in the form of income producing rentals. However, it has come to our attention that there are a few people out there that could be unsuited for this investment approach. Here they are in no particular order.

  • You believe your pension administrator is infallible and there is no way on this earth he won’t provide every single benefit promised you, no matter how cruddy the economy or outrageous the payout. Plus you trust that he actually deposits the required contributions into the plan every year. In other news, the Easter Bunny is dead.
  • A comfortable standard of living during your Golden Years is not a high priority. Full-time work as a grocery bagger or Wal-Mart greeter aren’t the worst thing that can happen to a retiree – you could be bitten by a rabid chihuahua on the left buttock. Speaking of pets, it also would be good to avoid investment property if you find yourself looking forward to the monthly decision: Prescriptions or pet food? Never both.
  • You’re convinced that if your pension does somehow implode along the way, Social Security will be there to pick up the financial slack. We have a special place in our hearts for people who rely and depend upon the largesse of the American taxpayer. The only thing you have to worry about is how long will they continue to bend over and take it in the shorts? Historically we’ve had the luxury of referring to the American Revolution in the singular. Think there couldn’t be another one? Don’t hold your breath waiting for the government cheese at that point.
  • Financial independence is over-rated. You feel it does a body good to suffer along with the part of the world living in abject poverty. Just because you had the astounding luck and grace to be born in a country that STILL has incredible opportunities for creating wealth doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of it.
  • You prefer to buck the trend of investing in the asset that has created the majority of wealthy Americans and go with the one driven by speculation and underhanded Big Time Operators. Need we even invoke the name? Wall Street.

If, by some strange twist of fate, you find yourself falling outside these described parameters and would like to get learn as much as humanly possible about investment property at no expense, you’re in luck. Call us at 714-820-4200 and ask to speak to one of our professional investment counselors today. You really can change your life.

The Heroic Investing Team