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Skipping Sales Tax for Christmas

HeroicInvesting.comLet’s see a show of hands: Who thinks that paying sales tax for the Christmas gifts you buy this year is your civic duty? Hmm, as we suspected, a startling lack of appendages shooting into the air. A recent story in the L.A. Times brought the topic to our attention, in which writer George Skelton went on a whining binge about how much revenue the state of California was missing out on by not taxing items purchased for the holiday season over the Internet or via mail order companies. His estimate concludes that $1.1 billion is being lost that could be re-directed to the state’s coffers. Coffers we might point out that are $6 billion behind in general fund spending this year, a total which is expected to increase to $24.5 billion in the red in 2011.

The first thing we have to say to Mr. Skelton is cyber sales tax is not going to fix the problem. He actually acknowledges that reality in the piece but goes on to say the state should come up with a way to locate and collect such taxes anyway because it’s not fair to brick and mortar California businesses. Oh, Georgie Boy, this particular track of thought proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you literally must have cement between your ears.

You dare to suggest that the government of California speak to its taxpayers about the concept of fairness? The Socialist Republic of California hasn’t seen “fair” in decades. We had high hopes when Arnie took office that the days of relentless entitlement spending and out of control budget abuse were over but we should have known better. The liberal moderating nag of Maria’s voice in his ear kept the Governator from accomplishing anything of substance.

The taxpayers of California have been tormented enough. We suggest they take all of their holiday shopping business to the Internet or out-of-state completely. We hear Portland is a nice tax-free zone. Due to an insistent pattern of financial abuse, the government of California has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is ill-equipped both mentally and morally to be trusted with even a single tax dollar, sales tax or otherwise. The only hope for California residents is to pray the state suffers a total economic collapse and, like the legendary Phoenix, arises from the ashes with a newfound respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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