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Firefighter Killed by Illegal Immigrant Driver

firefighter, pensionMake of the following what you will.

Columbia-Richland firefighter, Chance Zobel, 23, was killed in a chain of events precipitated by a woman driving a van and carrying only a Mexican driver’s license. Far be it from Heroic Investing to cast aspersions on her character but we find it difficult not to wonder that Mr. Zobel might still be among the living if recent presidential administrations had not been so lax at the task of securing America’s southern border.

Yes, Zobel could have just as easily been killed by a drunk or distracted driver with a legal US license but he wasn’t. His assailant and killer was a woman who may or may not had any clue about what the road signs flashing past her window meant. Neida Ortega drove a van which rear-ended a Chevy Impala, sending the vehicle flying between two parked fire trucks and into Zobel and fellow firefighter, Larry Irvin, 30, who had the good fortune of not being killed.

Investigation of the accident was slowed by the fact that Ortega spoke no English. Eventually it was determined she was, in fact, in the country illegally and was taken to Charlotte for deportation proceedings, a fact that probably makes not a single iota of difference to Zobel’s family.

In instances like this, it makes us take note of the fact that few first responders have taken action to create a cash flow apart from their expected pension benefits. While we have no information about Chance Zobel’s financial situation, we can point out in general how fleeting life is, especially for those who place themselves in harm’s way coming to the aid of others. The best way we know for an emergency worker to provide peace of mind for himself and loved ones is by establishing a solid investment plan at the earliest opportunity.

As the best investment in history, we suggest income property. A common claim from blue-collar workers is that they can’t afford the entry price to owning property. We think you might be surprised how little it takes to build a fortune. One cop did it starting with only $1,000 and working at his investments part time. Listen to the interview Jason Hartman conducted with this ordinary man accomplishing extraordinary feats of profitability on the XXXth episode of the Heroic Investing Show here.

Fireman Chance Zobel, may you rest in peace. We salute your service.

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