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Jason’s First Annual Black Friday Sale…

Jason's First Annual Black Friday SaleUnless our collective office memory has suffered a complete meltdown over the last few days, we can’t remember a time when our affiliate business, Platinum Properties Investor Network (PPIN), has ever hosted the kind of a sale on income property investing products like the one going on tomorrow, which most of the world knows as Black Friday. From this day forward, we’re calling it Jason’s Black Friday Sale.

Since there’s a good chance you’re stuffed full of turkey and other trimmings right now, we’ll get straight to the point before you slide sideways out of the chair and slump to the floor in a deep slumber. Here’s the important part – PPIN Founder and CEO Jason Hartman has a special place in his heart for those who have chosen to become emergency first responders. There’s nothing he likes better than being able to such real life heroes great deals.

Well, if you’re hearing what we’ve been saying and are convinced that the only way to avoid the “incredible vanishing pension” shock at the end of your career is to create a portfolio of wealth through income property investing, the time to learn exactly how to get started has never been better.

This Friday – tomorrow – or Black Friday, to use modern parlance, all of Jason Hartman’s real estate oriented educational products are marked down 50%. For those of us not gifted with incredible skills when it comes to math, that works out to about, well, half price. As mentioned, none of us can ever remember a blanket sale at of this magnitude.

If you’re barely making ends meet as it is, we do not suggest you max out a credit card to purchase something from us. Seriously, please do not do that. One of the basic lessons we discuss when it comes to personal finances is the difference between good debt and bad debt. Credit card consumer debt is probably the worst of the worst. It can become a dream killer.

Click here to see a list of Jason’s real estate products for sale.

We could waste your time regurgitating it all here but have more respect for your time than that. Just click it and see what we mean. Jason’s First Annual Black Friday Sale actually runs all the way through Sunday, so don’t feel like you have to hop on it Friday. There’s plenty of time to ponder the possibilities but, keep in mind, it’s not going to happen for another year, so if you want to put your income property investing dreams into motion any time soon, now IS the time.

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