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HI 23 – Firefighter and Quick House Buyer – Terry Wygal & Jason Hartman



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Jason Hartman talks with Terry Wygal from Houston, Texas. As a volunteer firefighter right who was also voted as Fire Officer of The Year 2009! – FOOTY ’09. Terry became a firefighter shortly after 9-11 as the bravery of those Hero’s mesmerized him and he wondered if he had that in him… could he do that knowing full well that he might never come out? He graduated from the fire department training and then took a Texas Certified Academy training for another 6 months and graduated as a Valedictorian! More at: http://localhost/heroicinvesting/category/podcast/.

Terry says; “I have helped complete strangers when they are at their most vulnerable. I have done more CPR than I care to think about. I have worked the Jaws of Life when they were needed most. I landed Life Flight once again just last night and thought about how Majestic a site that it was seeing the bird land and yet the sadness for what had happened to warrant the need was there as well. I was pretty darn glad others took the challenge and are volunteers as well. Yes – I am living the way I want to – and playing when I want to. Now for me, ALL of this was made possible by real estate investing – pure and simple. The ability to work when I want, where I want and with WHOM I want has been made possible by ugly little houses. Some are not so lucky – some where challenged by their family and friends, just like real estate investors and NEVER make it. Some succumbed to the “You Can’t Do That” Vampires. So – what is YOUR dream? What are YOUR goals? What little hidden secret wish do you have shoved into a corner that others have helped you close the door on? When people tell you that you “Can’t” what is your first reaction? When something doesn’t go right – do you quit? What’s your first reaction? What happens when you try a system and it doesn’t work? Your answers may actually surprise you – or dictate your outcome in life. Me? I’m a fighter – I don’t back down from much – and I keep pushing til I find a way to make it work. I have read more courses than any 10 people reading this list right now. And Implemented and tweaked til I got it RIGHT! On Wednesday I talked to another Fire Fighter by the name of Jeff Adams. You might have heard of him – if not you should. As a matter of fact he BUILT a million dollar real estate business while working as a fire fighter! Go make an offer on a house!” Quote for the day: “Invest in places that make sense so you can afford to live in places that don’t make sense” – Jason Hartman


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