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Where Does the Money Come From After Police Career Burnout?

police careerWhen you’re a snot-nosed rookie hitting the street for the first time with your new department, it’s impossible to imagine anything other than a police career from now until eternity. The reality is that it may or may not happen the way you planned it. Along the way, some officers are killed in the line of duty, some become disabled, and others encounter the dread career killer known as burnout. Given the awesome daily stresses and demands of a police officer, it’s not surprising that some hit the wall after five, ten, or fifteen years.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. At some point you might begin to realize that the reward for 20 to 30 years of hard service is a small ceremony, lapel pin, and retirement pension at half an annual salary of $51,000. Do you realize that only adds up to a $25,500 yearly nest egg to pay for everything you’ll ever want to do again the rest of your life? One thing’s for sure, you won’t be feasting on lobster and filet mignon until you win the state lottery.

Or will you? Depends upon whether or not you get started early and often on an investing style that really works, such as income property investing. We recently profiled the exploits of a full-time police officer who started a part-time real estate empire with only a thousand dollars. There’s no doubt that incredible feats of financial gain can be generated on an average salary and at any point during your police career. The trick is not in figuring out what to do, we can show you that for free and even partner with you on great deals if you’re short of cash – more on that later.

No, the trick is in making that fateful decision to do something at all besides stumble home at the end of a long day and plop yourself down in front of the television. Sure you’re tired. We’re all tired but what is the financial stability of the rest of your life worth to you and your family? Call us at 714-820-4200 for FREE information on:

1. How to invest, REALLY invest for financial success

2. How to make Platinum Properties Investor Network founder, Jason Hartman, your business partner

3. How to get started today

Don’t worry. We’re friendly, easy to talk to to and especially love to help set real life heroes like you on the path to financial independence.

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