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public pension funds

Tough Love for Public Pension Funds

The immediate problem with public pension funds is that they are in danger of being run into the ground by short-sighted fund managers. Some believe the problem has progressed too far and there is no turning it around – that attempting a fix now is akin to closing the barn door after the horse has...

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Social Security retirement age

New Social Security Retirement Age?

The short answer to the question is, no, there is not a new Social Security retirement age. Yet. The longer answer, and the topic that is already generating discussion, is whether or not Mr. Obama's bipartisan commission on fiscal reform will decide that tinkering with the age at which retirees are eligible...

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Jason's First Annual Black Friday Sale

Jason’s First Annual Black Friday Sale…

Unless our collective office memory has suffered a complete meltdown over the last few days, we can't remember a time when our affiliate business, Platinum Properties Investor Network (PPIN), has ever hosted the kind of a sale on income property investing products like the one going on tomorrow, which...

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HI 23 – Firefighter and Quick House Buyer – Terry Wygal & Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman talks with Terry Wygal from Houston, Texas. As a volunteer firefighter right who was also voted as Fire Officer of The Year 2009! – FOOTY ’09. Terry became a firefighter shortly after 9-11 as the bravery of those Hero’s mesmerized him and he wondered if he had that in him... could...

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Central Bank

3 Ways the Central Bank Attempts to Inflict Economic Stability

One doesn't have to be an economic genius to understand how it is a Central Bank goes about its assigned duty of stabilizing a nation's economy. For a while now its been assumed that a stable economy is a good thing because, in its absence, little things like wars, starvation, chaos, and dictatorships...

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The Policies of Inflation and Hyperinflation

It seems that we spend an awful lot of time talking about inflation, and then it suddenly crosses our mind that there may be a number of readers who have only a vague understanding of the topic. If that is your case, sit up and pay attention because we're off on a whiz bang trip through the land of inflation...

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US Airways, customer service

US Airways Commitment to Customer Service Skullduggery

In a slight departure from our normal focus on teaching first responders how to create wealth, we can't overlook this sterling example of poor customer service that comes to us from Scott Kelby's blog. Mr. Kelby normally discusses issues to help graphic artists improve their Photoshop skills but, in...

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property manager

Keep Your Property Manager Honest

For first responders who have seen the wisdom in creating wealth outside of their pension plan through income property investing, we'd like to say, “Congratulations!” You've taken the first step into a larger world. One of the first issues encountered by landlords is property management or, specifically,...

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police salaries

Blogger Takes Heat for Exposing El Segundo Police Salaries

Who knew that a police captain could be so touchy about the public discovering exactly what stratospheric level police salaries can reach, and that he earns north of $300,000 yearly to keep the peace in El Segundo, California, a town of 16,000 residents with no murders reported during 2009? If you didn't...

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pension multiplier

History of the Pension Multiplier

When the conversation turns to retirement benefits, you can bet that the phrase pension multiplier will be aired shortly. To arrive at the monthly check total to be paid to a retired pensioner, a formula is used which makes use of what is called a pension multiplier. Don't be thrown off by the esoterically...

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