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A First Responder’s Real Estate Education

real estate educationThe life of a busy first responder with job and family commitments might seem to yield precious little time for creating an impressive retirement portfolio. Often there’s not time enough to even learn enough to open a conversation about investment options. That’s why so many take the path of least resistance and toss it all in the 401k (or 403b) and then into the stock market. Stocks are easy, non-threatening, and they’ve always been there. But in the back of your mind you have a sneaking suspicions that other paths to wealth exist but you simply don’t have the time to conduct the research necessary to discover what the alternatives could be.

Real estate investment is exciting but have you priced a weekend seminar lately? Not cheap. A little known fact is that one of the most effective real estate education courses out there is completely free. Discover what we’re talking about at JasonHartman.com. Via real estate, Jason took himself from modest circumstances to multi-millionaire status before the age of thirty using the decidedly non-flashy investment method of income properties. His knowledge and that of other leading real estate thinkers and doers is encapsulated in the 186 episodes (and growing) of the Creating Wealth Show, but what might hit even closer to home is the story of full time undercover detective, Mike Butler, who built a rental empire of 100 properties on a cop’s salary, beginning the venture with only $1,000.

Listen to Mike’s story on episode #2 of Heroic Investing, located HERE. As you can tell, a real estate education offers not only the financial power to decide what you want to do but, more importantly, what you don’t want to do. Mike’s new book, “Landlording on Autopilot” is the new Bible for busy working men and women who don’t have the time to lift their eyes to the sky long enough to ask the simple question, “What if?” How about it, ladies and gentlemen? What if you didn’t go to work because you had to make ends meet but rather because it was your passion? That’s living folks, and it’s within reach of all comers brave enough to take a chance on a real estate education that works.

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