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Government Retirement Benefits Are Average At Best

government retirement benefitsIn case you were planning to get rich on government retirement benefits, don’t. Sort of like Social Security retirement, it might keep you afloat on a spartan lifestyle but not much more than that. And have you noticed that benefits always get revised to the detriment of the retiree? By the time you are ready to hang up your hero cape, expect higher medical premiums with lower coverage, and an increased retirement age that pays on a lower percentage of income. Exciting stuff, huh? Not.

But what if you put into motion a private retirement plan right now that in 7 to 12 short years might augment if not surpass your stock-based government retirement benefits. Here’s a little secret: investing in stocks or bonds is no longer an actual investment but a roll of the dice. Some numbers place the percentage of speculators in the market at 25%. That’s a full quarter of all Wall Street trading activity funneled toward short-term profit taking based on factors unrelated to a company’s economic health.

There’s virtually no way to invest for value in a climate like that. Direct commodity investment is not much better. Despite gold’s unprecedented run to glory, commodities are a speculator driven market today also. So what’s a retiree to do?

We suggest packaged commodities in the form of a single family residential house you can rent out. Bet you never thought of it like that. What goes into a house but wood, steel, copper, gold and other basic commodities? But the crown jewel that adds the most value of all is that a house is an investment in universal demand. Like food and water, shelter is something that never goes out of fashion. We all want it and we’ll pay what we must to have it.

Take that government retirement benefits.

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