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For The First Responder, Disability Worth Another Thought

first responderWe spend a lot of time here at Heroic Investing talking about how pension and retirement funds can turn out to be less than expected when the time comes to say, “Aloha!” to your first responder job and begin the rest of your life. It’s so obvious as to be almost obnoxious to repeat but a healthy rate of investment return while working is critical to being able to play like you want when it’s done.

But what happens if you are a first responder suddenly disabled before your retirement plan has a chance to fully mature? The thought is not out of the question for those who run into burning buildings while others are running out, enter into shootouts with hardened criminals, or rush to the roadside to patch together the injurious result of car collisions. Most police, fire, and ambulance jobs have a some sort of disability benefit, and there’s always Social Security or private disability insurance; the trouble with these options is they simply don’t leave you in the financial condition to enjoy life in the manner you were expecting.

You owe it to yourself and family to create a passive stream of income that allows you to not only survive but thrive if the unthinkable were to happen. Income property real estate is a low-key, highly effective investment that allows a disabled first responder to do just that. Not only does it offer a predictable, reliable monthly cash flow from rent paid by tenants but it is also an investment asset that appreciates nicely at the same time.

Guess when is the worst time to begin taking steps to prepare your financial life for a sudden disability? After it happens! Now, while you’re perfectly healthy, is the time to get started. Listen to the Heroic Investing Show, read the blog, and we’ll show you how for free.

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