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Investment For Retirement Not Found On Television

investment for retirementChoosing an investment for retirement should be easy, right? Pile it all in a basket of stocks or even a good old mutual fund, give it a few decades and retire a millionaire. If only it were so easy we’d be out of a job. What’s our job? Financial education! Hard as it might be to believe, the best return on investment asset in history is – if not ignored – at least severely undervalued. So we keep talking about and converting one clear thinking person at a time to the possibilities of real estate.

Unfortunately, investment for retirement advice is undertaken by the Big Boys in much the same way Taco Bell works at selling their latest fast food schlock. For example, the XXL Chalupa is being branded into our consciousness every weekend during football right now. Makes us immediately want to run out and buy – care to guess what – a XXL Chalupa! As if the normal size wasn’t enough.

Have you noticed stock brokers run the same kind of operation? Doesn’t matter who. Pick one. E*Trade, Scottrade, BadTrade, WorseTrade. They’re really no different than Taco Bell, selling you a ten cent solution to a million dollar problem, hoping that the mindless masses will rush their computers in waves after each advertisement airing, desperate to switch all their portfolio money from one broker to another to save a dollar per trade, then move it all back with the next round of commercials.

The Wall Street media blitz seems a little too shiny and flashy for our tastes. Shiny and flashy is meant to distract you from analyzing too closely for fear of discovery that there’s nothing of substance beneath. Investment for retirement choices shouldn’t be based on television snookery. It should be based on truth and the truth is that real estate has always been a far superior alternative no matter which way you slice it.

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