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Financial Podcast For Firefighters, Paramedics, And Police

financial podcastWe’ve noticed an acute insufficiency when it comes to good financial information available online for first responders. Apparently, rank and file heroes are expected to contribute to their retirement like good little boys and girls and hope like heck it’s actually there when they’re done working. The Heroic Investing financial podcast is here to save the day, like Underdog. Maybe not exactly like Underdog but we’re hoping to fill in the gaps when it comes to investing in assets that actually work.

Heroes like you deserve that.

The first episode of the Heroic Investing financial podcast is now live on this website. In it, host Jason Hartman discusses the Ten Commandments of Heroic Investing. This is your chance to unlearn the thorough brainwashing so many have suffered at the hands of the Wall Street media circus. We’re not here to pick on stocks – well, actually we are – because these days they’re nothing but a second tier investment driven by wild speculation and random world events. Does that sound like a recipe for building wealth? We sure don’t think so.

In the process of unlearning all the Wall Street stock market silliness, real estate multi-millionaire, Jason Hartman, offers his thoughts on the ten most important aspects of investing: ANY sort of investing. He favors real estate in the form of income property but these commandments could be applied to any situation. In a nutshell, inflation has been busily devaluing stocks, bonds, savings, and cash at a pretty serious rate for close to four decades. Unless you educate yourself now about how to invest in inflationary times, you’re probably not going to be able to live the type of leisurely retirement you dreamed about. You might even have to work longer than you planned!

That’s where our financial podcast comes it. When hope you enjoy it and return again. Your financial life depends on it.

The Heroic Investing Team


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