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More Bad News For Your Retirement Funds

retirement fundsAmerica’s retirement funds are standing on shaky ground. At last they conclusion we at Heroic Investing reached after seeing the Milliman Inc. report just out about how the funding status of the 100 largest corporate defined benefit pension plans dropped by $108 billion in August 2010. All together now – WTF?! Okay, sorry about that but how is it possible that underfunding is even an option? They take the money out of your paycheck and they add it to the big community pot made up of all the retirement funds designated for you and fellow employees.

Umm, apparently it doesn’t work quite like that. Oh, the money comes out of your paycheck, there’s no doubt about that but, along the way, some is siphoned off for other purposes. Heaven help you if they’re using your retirement contribution to write your next paycheck.

Our point is this. Don’t wait around for the crash. Talk about a retirement party downer when you get the letter that says, “Sorry, but your retirement funds have been reduced by half because things just didn’t work out. Have a nice day.” Wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to already have in place a significant flow of passive income created by intelligent real estate investments? So, your company screws up your retirement. Serves you right for trusting something that important to anyone else but yourself.

If you’re ten years or more from retirement, we can teach you a thing or two about income property investing that will light your fire about the prospects of financial independence. Less than ten years makes it a bit tight if you want a life of complete leisure but call us at 714-820-4200 and we’ll see what we can do. Real estate done the right way works better than the stock market or any other asset we’ve ever come across. Better yet, it puts the responsibility of providing for yourself squarely where it should be – in your own hands.

The Heroic Investing Team


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