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First Responder Education – Take A Weekend In Irvine, California, On Us!

Masters Weekend contestWith pension and retirement plans around the country in disarray, a first responder education is not complete after learning to save lives. There’s something else. You have to learn to save your own financial life. Those who rely on a public retirement pension are likely to be sadly disappointed. If you want to retire in any kind of style, you’re going to need to take the subject in hand and learn how to invest for yourself.

Luckily, our sister company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, is here to help, sponsoring the twice-yearly Masters Weekend on October 16-17 in Irvine, CA. So, what’s the big deal? It’s a very big deal, actually. The Masters Weekend is a two day series of real estate experts speaking on various topics of expertise. The end result is a mega-exposure to the nuts and bolts of creating financial independence through real estate investing in general and income properties in particular.

What’s the cost of the event? $997 if your ticket is purchased by October 1, and then $1,497 thereafter up to the day of the event.


Platinum Properties founder and CEO, Jason Hartman, has decided to give away a FREE ticket, good for the holder and one guest, to one lucky winner to the Masters Weekend. But this is not a boring by-the-numbers contest. This one allows you to leverage you number of entries by tapping into your social media network. Got 200 Facebook friends? That could mean your entry plus 200 more. Got 996 Twitter followers? Chalk up another 996 entries.

Click the link below to watch a short video from Jason explaining how it all works, then get busy.

Click HERE to enter the Masters Weekend contest.

Good night and good luck!

The Heroic Investing Team


Flickr / Robert S. Donovan