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Billionaire Paramedics

paramedicsIt’s come to our recent attention a nasty rumor that paramedics have a shorter life expectancy after retirement than the average American. We think the whole idea is plain silly and can find no substantiated facts to back it up. Sure, paramedics may have disrupted sleep patterns, high level of stress, and a diet of fast food and coffee – but how is that different from the average working Joe? Trust us, it’s not. There are way too many environmental and hereditary factors involved with each individual person on this planet to blame their job.

You want a job that might really contribute to a shorter life span? Try being a crash test dummy.

The actual point of concern to paramedics should be that they have adequate retirement funds in place to sustain a great lifestyle for as long as they do live. Unfortunately, the Wall Street stock pimping industry has mislead generations of workers into thinking that if they just stay in it long enough, everything will work out okay. You want to risk a comfortable retirement rolling those dice?

We hope not.

Forget the foreclosure crisis, the recession, and the clown in the White House. True wealth is still being created in America today. The asset is real estate and the choice should be income properties – where you buy a house and rent it out. Landlording is a very lucrative occupation and one you can continue for your entire life and expend very little effort. Real estate holds such a decided advantage over stock investing that it’s not even funny. But what’s really not funny is how many people only have a hazy idea of how it works and what a wealth generating machine it can be.

Donald Trump knows. So does Jason Hartman and American dynasties with last names like Kennedy and Rockefeller. Want to know what they know about money? Stay tuned. Maybe you’ll become the first billionaire paramedic.

The Heroic Investing Team


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