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Investing for Retirement Like You Mean It

investing for retirementWall Street would like you to believe that investing for retirement is a “set it and forget it” strategy. That may be true if your goal is a forgettable retirement but who wants to spend the Golden Years of their life marking time with a state of mere existence brought about by too few resources? And chances are good that if you spend your working life on the adrenalized edge of a first responder career, a recliner retirement watching television might not be your dream.

What if you want travel, excitement, and something different every day? You know, stuff that costs money. A basic stock investing for retirement strategy probably won’t get you there, no matter what the stock, bond, and mutual fund industry marketing machine tells you.

Investing for retirement like you mean it is what we’re talking about, which includes assets that can generate 20% to 30% returns year in and year out. It’s no secret real estate has traditionally created fortunes for American investors smart enough to wean themselves off the stock market, and decided to compare apples to apples about the best place to put their money. And if real estate is the best, then income property investing is the best of the best.

Let’s take a quick look at your stock investments. With so few companies paying dividends any more, you earn nothing for the privilege of ownership and keep your fingers crossed for appreciation over the years, which may or may not happen. And you REALLY hope that your broker’s last name is not Madoff. Income properties pay you money every month from tenant rent and have historically doubled in value every seven years. Even better, these are investments you control directly; no middle man to intercept those profits before they land in your wallet.

Don’t panic. Just because you own stocks doesn’t mean your retirement is sunk. Listen to the Heroic Investing Show for cutting edge investment information about how to do this retirement thing the right way.

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