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Paramedic Marketing After Retirement

paramedicIf you are a paramedic looking at a modest retirement after years of service, Heroic Investing would like to point out you might be able to boost your income by marketing what you know because what you know might be worth a lot. Maybe even enough to finance an entirely new business. Presumably, as a paramedic, you have an in-depth understanding of administering first aid to the injured. You know how to keep people alive until they can be transported to an emergency physician.

This is knowledge people need. The trick is to figure out the best system to deliver it to them for a fee. If you like speaking and are good at it, why not consider putting together a seminar on how the average citizen can deliver life-saving first aid to friends or family? If you like to travel, present seminars all around the country while making money at the same time. Or translate the material into webinar format.

If public speaking or presentations aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other methods to sell the knowledge in your head. Write a book or an ebook. Have it translated to audio and sell it as an audiobook. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. Get creative. The point is to figure out a way (or multiple ways) to get the information from your life as a paramedic in front of the eyeballs of people who are willing to pay for it.

A basic knowledge of internet marketing would come in handy and is freely available from various sources around the web if you know where to look. Google the phrase “Bum Marketing” to get started. It’s a low cost method of marketing put together by a guy named Travis Sago. You can trust him. He’s made a lot of money with the internet and is always willing to give back to those just starting out.

The trick is not to despair if your paramedic retirement isn’t quite up to the financial standards you’d hoped for. There are always alternatives and you might end up with a profitable business in the process.

The Heroic Investing Team


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