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viral marketing

Viral Marketing For Heroes

Viral marketing is not just for high falutin' internet marketers and techno-geeks any more. The continuing development of Web 2.0 with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, and a hundred dozen others brings the power of conveying your message within reach of every human being...

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Masters Weekend contest

First Responder Education – Take A Weekend In Irvine, California, On Us!

With pension and retirement plans around the country in disarray, a first responder education is not complete after learning to save lives. There's something else. You have to learn to save your own financial life. Those who rely on a public retirement pension are likely to be sadly disappointed. If...

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Billionaire Paramedics

It's come to our recent attention a nasty rumor that paramedics have a shorter life expectancy after retirement than the average American. We think the whole idea is plain silly and can find no substantiated facts to back it up. Sure, paramedics may have disrupted sleep patterns, high level of stress,...

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military retirement

Military Retirement – What Used to be Simple is Now Complex

While the military has never been known for straightforward, get-to-the-point regulations, it used to be that your military retirement was so simple a private could do it. That is not the case any more. Apparently Congress decided that the computation of military retirement pay was entirely too simple...

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investing for retirement

Investing for Retirement Like You Mean It

Wall Street would like you to believe that investing for retirement is a “set it and forget it” strategy. That may be true if your goal is a forgettable retirement but who wants to spend the Golden Years of their life marking time with a state of mere existence brought about by too few resources?...

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Paramedic Marketing After Retirement

If you are a paramedic looking at a modest retirement after years of service, Heroic Investing would like to point out you might be able to boost your income by marketing what you know because what you know might be worth a lot. Maybe even enough to finance an entirely new business. Presumably, as a...

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first responder

First Responder Wall Street Lessons

One of the most important ideas to keep in mind as a first responder hoping for a comfortable retirement, is that you should maintain direct control over your investments. It might be hard to do this if you're obsessed with investing in the stock market because those brokerage firms are experts at inserting...

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emergency medical services

Real Estate Investing for Emergency Medical Services Workers

Those who work in the emergency medical services field are busy. Maybe even busier than the average Joe Schmoe on a regular day. We get that. It's hard to find time to study your investments, so you end up handing them over to a financial adviser, probably one who steers you into stocks or mutual funds....

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