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New Financial Podcast for First Responders

financial podcastJason Hartman has made a habit of creating useful podcasts. First there was The Creating Wealth Show, which has become an international hit. Next came Holistic Survival, the solid successor. Now Jason is hard at work tracking down guests and hitting the recording studio to bring you The Heroic Investing Show, a financial podcast tailored specifically to the special needs of first responders everywhere.

The beauty of information delivered podcast style is you don’t have to sit in front of the computer to listen. Of course, you can if you like but many listeners find it more convenient to download and drop it onto their iPod or other mp3 player of choice. It really is that simple.

What does Jason talk about on the financial podcast? Well, almost anything is fair game but you can bet it will have to do with teaching first responders how to create the kind of retirement wealth that others only dream about. He’ll cover the ins and outs of income property investing and reveal the Big Myth about Wall Street and retirement funds destined to keep you poor unless you make some changes.

A big change is to realize the publicity industry that has grown up around the stock market is not quite telling you the whole truth. Everyone assumes stocks are the way to go with your investment dollar but the day hasn’t dawned when Wall Street could carry the jock strap of income property returns. You hear about stocks so much because there is an unending flow of profits to brokers and it comes directly from your pocket.

Get smart with your money. The Heroic Investing financial podcast will show you how.

The Heroic Investing Show


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