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The Big Truth About Real Estate Investing

real estate investing

real estate investingWhen discussing Wall Street investment tactics, it is perfectly proper to refer to the entire industry as The Big Lie, but Heroic Investing is here to let you in on The Big Truth. We’ve been rattling your cage for a few months now, prattling on and on about the incredible benefits of income property as a real estate investing strategy.

Today, right now, we put our money where our mouth is and use a specific example of what we consider to be an excellent investment opportunity in the town of Indianapolis, IN. This one should blow the paint off the doors of anything your stock broker might dangle in front of your face.

This single family residential home was built in 1999, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1,400 square feet. Due to yet another unfortunate (for someone else) foreclosure, the property is listed at an incredibly modest sale price of $59,000. Similar houses in that area rent for about $925 monthly. Subtract all taxes, fees, maintenance, and mortgage payments, and you’re still looking at about $300 per month positive cash flow above and beyond all expenses.

This is the definition of a good deal for real estate investing or any other kind of investment and these are the sorts of properties we uncover every day. As a first responder putting your life on the line by simply showing up for work, wouldn’t it be nice to have a retirement plan that began producing profit right now, while you’re still working?

In the Indianapolis example, you should note that the rent paid by the tenant covers the mortgage payment, which means someone else is paying for an asset you will own at the end of the note.

Now that’s real estate investing!

The Heroic Investing Team


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