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Investing for First Responders has Come a Long Way

first responders First responders finally have a choice! In truth, there has always been a choice but they were even farther underground than they are now. Gold was a good option. At least it would always be worth something, unlike paper stock certificates that can be worth exactly nothing under the right conditions. Even today, gold is still a decent option, probably better than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds but there is an asset that can bump the size of your nest egg to a size you may not have imagined before, and give you a passive income stream in the process.

We’re talking about income property investing. In simple terms, buying single family residential homes and renting them out. Not only do you have monthly cash flow but there’s an under-reported side effect of real estate investing when it’s done properly. It actually improves in the face of inflation. It’s no secret that every dollar-based thing in this darn economy of ours suffers tremendously from inflation, losing something on the rate of 10% in value every year.

The dirty little secret, and what first responders will recognize as a financial life saver, is that owning income property tied to a fixed-rate, long-term mortgage is unmatched in ability to actually profit from a constantly devaluing dollar. How’s that for a retirement investment?

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