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financial podcast

New Financial Podcast for First Responders

Jason Hartman has made a habit of creating useful podcasts. First there was The Creating Wealth Show, which has become an international hit. Next came Holistic Survival, the solid successor. Now Jason is hard at work tracking down guests and hitting the recording studio to bring you The Heroic Investing...

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firefighter career

The Most Important Part of Your Firefighter Career

If you've set your sights on a firefighter career, the last thing on your mind is likely to be retirement. You have some sort of vague idea in mind that, of course, there will be a retirement and, since you're putting your life on the line daily for the benefit of others, it should be a comfortable pension...

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Ground Zero mosque

The Ground Zero Mosque – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Perhaps no event causes an upwelling of emotion (hate, pride, sadness, outrage) in first responders like the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. We're talking about the one when the buildings came down. Where firemen rushed in while workers were heading out. Now comes news that a...

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state retirement plan

The California State Retirement Plan – “Unsustainable”

Sometimes nothing can be quite so damning as the truth spoken by those in the know. So it is with the political time bomb that is public employee pensions and healthcare. Beneficiaries in all states should be nervous but especially those vested in a California state retirement plan. Let's listen in on...

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state retirement plans

State Retirement Plans Based in Failing Assets

Employees looking forward to footloose and carefree golden years, basking in the incredible bounty afforded by their state retirement plans should pay a visit to a little place we like to call reality. States like California and New York are teetering on the brink of financial insolvency. When the powers...

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403b plans

403b Plans Similar to 401k…But Different

Most everyone walking the earth in at least a semi-conscious state of existence has heard of a 401k retirement plan. And probably just as many have not heard of 403b plans, even though they're quite similar. That's okay. Heroic Investing is here to save the financial day. A 403b plan is essentially a...

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investing for retirement

Supercharge Your Investing for Retirement

Investing for retirement is not as easy as it used to be for first responders. Gone are the days when you put in two or three decades of dedicated service and then retired comfortably to whatever vision of Golden Years happiness strikes your fancy. Maybe it's a condo in Florida or a farm in the woods....

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state employment retirement system

Is Your State Employment Retirement System Unfunded?

The national unfunded liability of state employment retirement systems is huge. How does mismanagement like this happen? Rather easily, it would seem, when you take into account the apparent moral and intellectual deficit exhibited by those chosen to run the things. Though it is always tempting to pile...

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first responder

Radical Changes for First Responder Pensions

Public officials casting around for a new favorite whipping boy to deflect attention from their own miserable performances, have seemingly settled on the first responder pension. Politicians from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to New Jersey Chris Christie and other top legislators seem hell...

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real estate investing

The Big Truth About Real Estate Investing

When discussing Wall Street investment tactics, it is perfectly proper to refer to the entire industry as The Big Lie, but Heroic Investing is here to let you in on The Big Truth. We've been rattling your cage for a few months now, prattling on and on about the incredible benefits of income property...

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