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When going viral isn’t a bad thing

viral marketingTo those trained to deal with emergency situations on a daily basis, the word “viral” might raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Don’t worry – nothing like that. We’re talking about viral marketing and this idea could be a huge boost to your online business if you can figure out how to tap into it. You have started planning your online business, right? For when the pension you’re relying on turns out to be not nearly as much as you expected and you need more cash flow to truly enjoy the coming Golden Years?

Whew. Good. Thought we’d lost you for a minute.

Viral marketing is simple in concept but when it works, boy does it work. When a photo, video, or blog post “goes viral” on the internet, that means millions of people have found something they like and are passing it around to everyone they know in a big way. And if the item they are obsessed upon just happens to have a sales message and monetization strategy built in, so much the better. The problem is you don’t really control viral marketing. It does what it wants.

Just remember, people hate being marketed to on the internet and knocking people upside the head with a hard sales pitch is completely ineffective. With viral marketing, if you can hit the sweet spot, you’re starting a conversation with those who might eventually buy something from you. Just don’t try to sell them too fast. It’s a conversation, so talk about what they’re interested in and, when you least expect it, you might have a viral marketing hit on your hands.

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