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A first responder meets internet marketing

When your entire career has been devoted to saving others, it’s sometimes hard to turn the light of introspection on yourself and think about your own survival for a change. We’re not talking life or death but it’s still something pretty critical to your quality of life – how to turn that stock market decimated pension into something that will sustain you through a lengthy retirement?

In a word, actually two, internet marketing.

Consider the possibility that you possess a particular set of knowledge that others would pay to access. Let’s say your a policeman. Write an ebook that tells people how to be safe in their homes, cars, and on the street. If you’re an EMT, think about a guide to emergency first aid for the layman. These are just ideas off the top of our head, but you should give the idea a serious thought.

Digital ebooks on almost any topic under the sun are selling by thousands across the world every day for anywhere from $7 to $97 a pop. Many are written by amateur authors like yourself. There’s no law preventing you from writing a book like that and becoming a success at internet marketing. It’s that kind of initiative and creative thinking that could augment or even surpass your pension.

At Heroic Investing, we believe the critical concept here is to not allow yourself to be limited by what the union has negotiated for the rank and file membership. As an internet marketer, you can think beyond the box. There’s no limit to your earnings when you embrace the spirit of entrepreneurism.

The Heroic Investing Team

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