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Firefighters not immune to layoffs

HeroicInvesting.comThis comes as disturbing news for those who run into burning buildings while everyone else is running out. The East Point, Georgia, fire department will lose 65 firefighters to layoffs to help address the city’s $8 million budget shortfall. Unless we miss our guess, those 65 men and women will not be looking at financial freedom any time soon.

The real point here is not to bandy back and forth how or where budget shortfalls should be made up but, instead, to ask if you have your financial house in order if the bureaucratic ax falls on your neck? Do you have any idea what shape your retirement plan is in? Can it withstand an extended period of unemployment? Not many of us can, which brings into clear focus the absolute necessity of making the most of what you have.

We sincerely hope you’re not throwing darts at stock quotes on the business page and buying with your eyes closed. Here’s what we’ve learned over two decades of successful investing: the stock market will massacre you. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but some day. If it’s not watching your favorite stock flame out or having the bad luck to choose the next Bernie Madoff as your broker, it could be simply watching your returns being nickel-and-dimed to death with never ending administrative fees year after year.

You’ve got to go after financial freedom with both hands because it’s not going to come to you. Our sister website JasonHartman.com offers a free education in the only type of conservative, proven investing that offers you a chance to build wealth the way most rich Americans did – with real estate.

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