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Sufficient income is critical to first responder retirement

HeroicInvesting.comDue to the incredibly stressful demands of the job, the average policeman, fireman, or emergency worker can expect to be eligible for retirement sooner than their peers in other lines of employment. This particular perk can sometimes turn into a Catch-22 situation for those who haven’t prepared themselves for financial independence and and a longer stay in the golden years.

What we hope you realize is that you can’t rely on the returns of a traditional pension plan to provide enough income to really enjoy that extra time in the sun. Come on, you made it through a perilous occupation in one piece and you assuredly deserve the comfort that a financial independence buys.

Not too many pension plans are talking financial independence these days. Most are lucky to be solvent at all, and the dirty little secret they don’t want to tell you is they’re throwing darts at the stock market hoping to make up for the crumbling value of a dollar and market that has been churning for a while.

You need to take responsibility for your own future. Don’t rely on “the system” to provide for you. Chances are, it’s broken. Luckily, there is another way that we’d like to introduce to you as Heroic Investing develops into a valuable resource for your future.

We’re talking about real estate. It’s no secret that property investing works works. Most people would take that on faith. The disconnect comes in when it comes time to finance an actual investment. Don’t you need a big chunk of cash to get started?

Turns out, maybe less than you think.

The Heroic Investing Team

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